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Recruiting a person with disability using affirmative measures

How do I recruit a  person with disability?

The same way you might recruit any employee. It  is likely that you have employed many people with disability without even being  aware of it. There is no obligation for people to share information about their  disability status unless it affects their ability to do the job. The vast  majority of Australian Public Service (APS) employees with disability were  recruited through standard recruitment processes and competed on merit with  other candidates.

Using an affirmative measure. You  may wish to use a targeted measure under the Australian Public Service Commissioner's Directions  2016(the  Directions) to recruit a person with disability.

While  engagement and promotion decisions in the APS are based on merit1, the  Directions allow for certain exceptions to the standard provisions. These include two measures for the employment of people with disability in the APS.

Section 27 Affirmative measure - disability employment

Section 27 provides an affirmative measure which allows vacancies to be restricted to people with disability, or a certain type of disability.

This measure also allows the employment of a person with disability where a disability employment service provider has  assessed that person as being unable to  compete on merit.

For further information see:

  • Affirmative measure for recruiting people with disability: A guide for agencies
  • Affirmative measure for recruiting people with disability: A guide for applicants

Section 28 RecruitAbility

Section 28 provides for agencies to advertise a vacancy using the RecruitAbility scheme, which allows an eligible person to advance to the next  stage of the selection process.

For further information see:

1 The  APS Employment Principles set out in section 10A of the Public Service Act 1999 include the merit principle.

Last reviewed: 
15 May 2018