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Reflect: APS Values and Code of Conduct: Decision-making model


1. Recognise a potential issue or problem

Ask yourself:

  • do I have a gut feeling that something is not right?
  • do I feel this is a risky situation?

Recognise the situation as one that may involve tensions:

  • between two or more of the Values
  • between the Values/Code and personal values.


2. Find relevant information

Find the relevant information and gather the facts:

  • what was the trigger and what are the circumstances?
  • identify the relevant legislation, policies and guidance (APS-wide and agency specific)
  • identify the rights and responsibilities of relevant stakeholders
  • identify any precedent decisions.


3. Linger at the 'Fork in the Road'

Linger at the 'Fork in the Road', pause to consult:

  • supervisors and managers
  • respected colleagues, peers, or support services—remember privacy.
  • Talk it through, use intuition and analysis, listen and reflect.


4. Evaluate the options

Evaluate options, identify consequences, look at the processes:

  • identify the risks
  • discard unrealistic options
  • apply the accountability test—would the decision stand up to public scrutiny/independent review?
  • be prepared to explain the reasons for your decision.


5. Come to a decision

Come to a decision:

  • act on it and make a record if necessary.


6. Take time to reflect

Take time to REFLECT and review

  • how did it turn out for all concerned?
  • learn from your decision
  • if you had to do it all over again what would you do differently?


Last reviewed: 
21 May 2018