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Our Leadership and Capability group ensure the Australian Public Service (APS) has a contemporary, systematic approach to learning and development, leadership development and talent management, centred on APS needs. 

We provide:

  • consistent, quality and cost effective development of the core skills of Australian public servants
  • contemporary leadership development to build effective leadership practices.
  • support and information about talent management practices
  • development solutions for all APS employees at any point in their career.

Our work is strengthened by communication, collaboration and consultation. We work with agencies to develop and deliver development activities and resources that support employee development. 

Collaborate with us

Our work is strengthened by communication, collaboration and consultation. The Centre facilitates APS practitioner groups which provide opportunities for colleagues to come together to contribute to learning programs, explore issues and share experiences.

The L&D Community of Practice brings together APS learning and development practitioners. It meets regularly in Canberra and via teleconference, to workshop solutions and share insights. The Community has an active Govteams site.  We always welcome new members.

We also host a regular Talent Management Working Group that meets regularly. Email: talentmanagement [at] apsc.gov.au for more information.

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Last reviewed: 
22 April 2020