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Review of the Senior Executive Service


In preparing this report I have had a great deal of help from a very able team at the Australian Public Service Commission. While they have offered valuable advice, and carried out considerable research at my request, PwC retain responsibility for the final Report.

Carmel McGregor, Deputy Public Service Commissioner, has worked with me very closely and has been a very valued member of the Reference Group of Band 3 officers who acted as a sounding board in the preparation of the report and the conduct of the audit.

The APSC’s support team was ably led by Patrick Sedgley, and Penny Weir, Debbie Phillips, Robyn Clark, Chris Oates and Kim Moran all contributed materially to the preparation of report.

I would also like to thank the members of the Reference Group (see Appendix A), all the officers who participated in the classification audit which tested the proposed Work Level Standards and Mercer (Australia) who carried out the audit and provided advice on the Work Level Standards.

Finally I have received wise counsel from the Public Service Commissioner, Mr Steve Sedgwick and helpful comments from the Secretaries’ Board under the leadership of Mr Terry Moran AO, Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Roger Beale AO

Principal PwC

Foreword by the Public Service Commissioner

The review of the SES is one of 28 projects based on the recommendations of Ahead of the Game: Blueprint for the Reform of Australian Government Administration (the APS Reform Blueprint), which was released in March 2010. Prepared by an Advisory Group chaired by the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Mr Terry Moran, the APS Reform Blueprint provided a comprehensive assessment of the forces shaping the Australian Public Service (APS) and the challenges that it faces in meeting them.

In implementing recommendation 6.2, to review the size and growth of the Senior Executive Service (SES), the Australian Public Service Commission engaged Mr Roger Beale AO to take a closer look at factors driving recent high growth in the SES and the management of SES classifications, working with Commission staff and Mercer (Australia).

The flexible deployment of the SES both within agencies and across the APS to meet policy and operational challenges is critical to the efficient and effective implementation of government priorities. Mr Beale’s report provides a strong evidence base and clear recommendations to the

Government on how the size of the SES and its classification profile might be managed more effectively, in line with the APS Reform Blueprint’s emphasis on the value of more active management of the APS as a consolidated entity, or as ‘one APS’.

Steve Sedgwick

Public Service Commissioner


Roger Beale AO

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Australian Public Service Commission

Patrick Sedgley

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29 March 2018