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Section 5: Diversity

Under Clause 7.6 (1) of the Australian Public Service Commissioner's Directions 2013 an Agency Head must ensure that there are measures in place to collect certain information from employees of their agency and to give that information to the Commissioner. This includes information about an employee's Indigenous status, their disability status and certain information that is used to derive an employee's non-English speaking background (NESB) status.

With the exception of gender, diversity data is supplied to agencies by individuals on a voluntary basis. As with any large voluntary data collection, APSED data tends to under-represent the number and proportion of Indigenous Australians, people with disability, and employees from a non-English speaking background in the APS.

The Commission continues to work with agencies to increase the number of employees that provide their diversity data to their agency, and to improve the quality of data provided by agencies to APSED. There have been some improvements, however the overall quality of the data continues to be poor and there are a number of agencies that still provide little or no data about the diversity status of their employees.

The proportion of NESB employees has decreased from 14.7% at June 2015 to 14.5% at June 2016. This includes both NESB 1 and NESB 2. Appendix 1 provides an explanation of NESB.

Figure 19 shows the change in the representation of the four diversity groups from their proportion at June 2002. Each of these proportions is weighted by the ratio of the June 2002 total ongoing APS number, to the number of employees in the respective diversity group at June 2002. Weighting eliminates the effects that the changes in the overall size of the APS have on representation. The index is given a value of 100 at June 2002, and rises and falls proportionally with the particular group's change in the weighted number over time. For example, at June 2002 the number of Indigenous employees was 3,058 out of an ongoing APS population of 112,232. By June 2016 the number of Indigenous employees had risen to 3,972 and the ongoing APS number had risen to 137,848. Therefore the weighted Indigenous number for June 2016 is 3,234, which is 105.8% of the original index.

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29 May 2018