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Staff research insights series

Staff Research Insights are an opportunity to look more in-depth at issues important to the APS. They include deeper analysis and a broader overview of issues.

The views expressed in these Insights are the views of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Australian Public Service Commission.

Series publications

(The) APS Human Capital Environment Scan

Author: Tony Cotton
The APS Environmental Scan uses data collected from APS employees to identify drivers for APS-wide strategic workforce planning.

(The) APS and the Chinese Civil Service

Author: Derek Drinkwater
Australia’s relations with China are at the forefront of security and trade policy debates in Australia at present—a trend likely to continue for decades. As the relationship becomes more complex, APS employees will be required to command high levels of expertise and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of China as a nation and its civil service.

(The) APS Human Capital planning framework

Author: Tony Cotton
This Insight identifies the key human capital elements for the APS that emerged from an analysis of a range of recurrent human risk factors in the APS. These were then integrated into a framework all, or part, of which agencies may adopt.

APS workforce trends

Authors: Alastair Warren, Elyse Allan, Heather Earl, Leah Solomon, Tegan Wone, Tony Cotton
This insight examines key segments of the APS internal labour market and identifies further aspects of the APS internal labour market that warrant further investigation

Measuring employee engagement in the APS

While the exact origin of the concept of employee engagement is difficult to determine, it is often considered to have evolved from the concepts of job satisfaction, organisational commitment, and organisational citizenship behaviour.

Last reviewed: 
20 June 2018