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State of the Service Report 2018–19

The State of the Service Report 2018–19 was tabled in both Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 26 November 2019. The report is informed by data from the annual APS agency survey and APS employee census, as well as the APS Employment Database.

The State of the Service Report 2018–19 looks at the current state of the APS under two broad themes: culture (chapters 1 to 4) and capability (chapters 5 to 7). As leadership is a driver of both culture and capability, leadership and the role of leaders, are explored throughout the report.

The report draws attention to ongoing changes in the operating environment of the APS, driven by rapid societal and technological change. It emphasises the need for the APS to continue to reform and adapt to meet the expectations of the Government and the people of Australia, now and into the future.

In accordance with the Government’s policy on open data, de-identified, non-sensitive APS employee census data has been made available on data.gov.au.

The APSC will present key report findings to APS staff in all states/territories in early 2020.