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Test. Fail. Deliver - this Innovation Month

There’s a reason we start learning to drive in the car park at school. There’s a reason we don’t go straight onto a four lane highway. There’s no good reason this principle of starting small and delivering big shouldn’t hold true for the work we do in government.

This year, Innovation Month is all about a culture of experimentation - about testing, failing, learning and delivering for the Australian people.

There are lots of really interesting events happening all across Australia throughout July. Expect workshops, seminars, interactive sessions, livestreamed presentations, debates, marketplaces and more.

You can get involved by going to an event or hosting one in your department.

Check out the Public Sector Innovation Network website for all the information, including how to register your event and how to help promote Innovation Month in your own agency.

See you there!

Last reviewed: 
30 May 2019