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Objective 1: Set up the professional stream

1. Establish a Senior Reference Group

The APS Data Professional Stream Senior Reference Group will include members from within the Deputy Secretaries Data Group, the Chief Operating Officer Committee and select agencies. The Group will be co-sponsored by the APSC and ABS.

Members will represent a variety of agencies which operate across the data value chain, from capture and creation, to analysis and reporting, as well as the policy and end-users, to ensure cross-agency influence.

The Senior Reference Group will be supported by a Senior Working Group, with representatives from senior data and analytics roles, as well as those responsible for APS-wide data policy and legislation. Members of this Working Group will be drawn from the Data Champions Executive and other select agencies.

2. Identify the Head of Profession

Secretaries Board will select the inaugural Head of Data Profession.

The Head of Data Profession will champion the APS Data Professional Stream, and work with agencies across the APS to realise the capability uplift objectives of the Strategy.

3. Develop a Professional Stream Strategy

The Strategy aims to support the strengthening of data capability within the APS workforce to generate deeper insights to inform government decisions, effective service delivery and to safeguard data and engender public trust.

A program of strategic initiatives will be developed, guided by the Head of Data Profession, the Senior Reference Group and the Senior Working Group. Engagement and participation across the APS will ensure implementation is a success.

Objective 2: Collaborate and network

4. Establish professional network

A Data Professional Network (the Network) will build professional capability through shared experience and knowledge.

This Network will complement existing data-focused groups across the APS, such as the Data Champions Network, APS Data Network, and Graduate Data Network.

The Network will be open to all APS employees in data roles, with the aims of promulgating knowledge, learnings, experiences and professional behaviours across the APS data workforce.

Last reviewed: 
16 September 2020