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Objective 3: Attract the right skills to APS data roles

5. Streamline recruitment across the APS

Partnerships across the APS support innovative approaches to attract and recruit graduates. By taking a collaborative approach, the APS is able to provide graduate job seekers opportunities to explore a range of graduate roles within participating agencies.

Having a single process for data graduate recruitment is a sensible and cost-efficient approach for recruiting data graduates for all agencies who opt in.

In 2020 the APSC established an APS Professions Framework to build career paths for core professions. A lead agency is managing the recruitment process for each professional stream, including the ABS for the Data Stream.

The recruitment and development of data professionals should be top of mind for leaders who see data skills as valuable assets for the APS. Specialists in relevant disciplines will be included as members on agency selection panels for key leadership roles in the data stream.

6. Develop an APS profile

A view of the APS data workforce, including levels, skills and development needs will be developed.

Information from the APS Employment Database based on the APS Job Family model will initially be used to develop a baseline profile of the APS data workforce. This will assist in workforce planning, recruitment, development and talent management for data-related roles.

7. Build inclusion into the professional stream

Compared to the broader APS, there are more male employees working in data roles, and under-representation of those with ongoing disability or who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

Increasing the diversity profile of data roles will ensure the data workforce better reflects the communities which we serve, and those to whom the data relates. There will be a focus on building inclusion into the Data Professional Stream from the outset, and on improving diversity at various points across the career lifecycle, starting with identifying and addressing barriers to attracting and recruiting a diverse data workforce to the APS.

Objective 4: Ensure appropriate entry level qualifications

8. Collaborate with the education sector to uplift entry level capabilities

Collaboration with the education sector will ensure people commencing in data-related roles in the APS have appropriate entry-level skills.

Strong connections will be established with academia to ensure course offerings meet the evolving data capability needs of the APS.

Partnerships between agencies and academia which support student learning and career pathways into the APS will be explored. Examples of programs may include project-based student placements, vacation work and cadetship programs, as well as sponsored projects for students to undertake within their university studies

Last reviewed: 
16 September 2020