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Objective 6: Retain and grow a workforce for the whole APS

13. Define and promote career pathways

Career pathways will be defined and promoted across the breadth of data job roles. Consideration will also be given to career mobility for people working across data and other professional streams.

This will be an evolving and iterative process, with development options needing to adapt to the maturing data professional workforce and keep pace with best practice.

14. Support professional communities

The data landscape is broad, with producers and users of many different types of data in many different roles. Communities of Practice will enable data professionals to exchange ideas and develop capabilities specific to their niche area of expertise (for example, policy evaluation, security, geospatial, crisis management).

15. Identify professional standards

Standards for a professional data workforce in the APS will be established.

Engagement with professional bodies and academia will inform consideration of certification options for people in the data profession. The value proposition of certification options for APS employees will be assessed to ensure that offerings will be cost efficient and flexible to individual and agency needs.

The development of data professional standards will be aligned with other APS initiatives, such as those being considered by the Office of the National Data Commissioner.


Last reviewed: 
16 September 2020