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Turned Up and Tuned In: A guide for APS managers


The Australian Public Service Commission (the Commission) is pleased to release the 2013 edition of Turned up and tuned in. This e-Guide is an aid to help managers to better understand and manage workplace absence. The 2013 edition has been refreshed with help and support of human resource managers from across the Australian Public Service (APS). The fundamental principles that assist managers to create an employment environment where employees are Turned up and Tuned in remain the same as they were a decade ago. This e-Guide has been updated to reflect the contemporary APS work environment and conditions. The Commission will shortly release the companion e-Guide, Promoting an attendance culture, a guide for APS Agencies. This e-Guide will focus on the organisational factors that influence unscheduled absence in the APS.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018