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We are a small policy agency within the portfolio of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Our purpose is to position the Australian Public Service workforce for the future to ensure it meets the demands and expectations of the Australian Government and people. We aim to continuously improve people management, manager capability and professional development across the APS. Our statutory responsibilities and commitment to change provides the opportunity to work on exciting and engaging projects and programs whilst supporting our internal priorities.

Strategic priorities

In line with our statutory responsibilities we promote six key priorities within our corporate plan for 2020-2021. These priorities enable us to position the APS workforce for the future and are aimed at creating a more flexible and agile workforce. Whilst these priorities are externally facing and drive the delivery of our work, we embed these priorities internally.

Our priorities

Ensuring good governance

Good governance with genuine transparency and accountability is pivotal to the professional performance of the APSC and its ability to deliver the Government’s recovery agenda and the services Australians rely on.

Lifting the capability of the APS

We need a systematic, service-wide approach to lifting people capability to  improve the overall performance of the APS for today and the future. The response to COVID-19 has demonstrated the APS capacity and willingness to rapidly mobilise and deploy its workforce to work remotely to deliver critical functions and Government priorities. We will continue to drive improved mobility and support the recruitment, development and retention of a skilled, professional and high performing workforce through the implementation of a future-fit workforce strategy.

Building Leadership for the future

The Independent Review of the APS and the recent COVID-19 response have reinforced the importance of empowered and accountable leaders in the APS. We must support diversity, enhance leadership, and build core skills for all staff to strengthen the professionalism of the APS. We will build leadership for the future by managing Senior Executive Service (SES) succession planning, career pathways, diversity, mobility, talent identification and recruitment.

Preserving and enhancing the reputation of the APS

The Australian Public Service Commission will provide visibility of the collegial nature of the service, by highlighting APS successes and leadership domestically and internationally.

Upholding the integrity of the APS

The principles of good public administration are at the heart of the democratic process and public confidence in the way the APS exercises authority when meeting government objectives. Creating and maintaining a culture of integrity is crucial and requires commitment at all levels of the APS. We will communicate what it means to be a public servant and, as a trusted partner, be vigilant in identifying and addressing integrity issues.

Providing the Right Tools and Workplace for our Staff

We are a professional organisation of people with strong technical and specialist skills. To continue to attract and retain high quality, high performing people who enable us to achieve our purpose, we will invest in providing the right tools and workplace culture for our staff to excel.

Last reviewed: 
2 December 2020