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The APSC is committed to positioning the APS workforce for the future. With around 200 staff located in Canberra and Sydney, we drive collaboration through knowledge sharing, inter-agency initiatives and utilising peer expertise.

We operate in a collaborative environment that harnesses an inclusive culture valuing, respecting and representing individual differences. We drive collaboration through knowledge sharing, inter-agency initiatives and by constantly utilising the expertise of our peers.

We encourage diversity of thought and recruit from a variety of sectors and industries. This enables us to better represent the Australian population and provides our staff with exposure to a range of perspectives in the workplace.

We value creativity and innovation. Our staff are encouraged to pitch new ideas to address workplace challenges and drive change within our organisation. We are dedicated to making genuine advancements to the way the APS operates, and to developing internal strategies that mirror contemporary best practice.

Our principles

We work under a set of principles that provide guidance towards our goals of positioning the APS workforce for the future.

All interactions with clients and partners are underpinned by a desire to:

  1. Add value
  2. Stay the distance
  3. Partner effectively.

As a workforce driving innovation and capability across the APS, we ensure encounters with clients and partners provide innovative insights and add value. We proactively seek opportunities to shape the future of the APS workforce through new approaches to work.

To ensure initiatives are effectively delivered across the APS, we work closely with our clients and partners to create and design solutions to APS wide issues. This allows us to develop tailored solutions and foster close relationships with our key stakeholders.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to diversity and inclusion both within our workforce and through the policies and advice we produce for the broader APS.  We recognise the benefits of individual difference while promoting the value of diversity more broadly.

As a central agency, we are at the forefront of policy reform and aim to support and drive recruitment, career progression and flexibility for identified diversity groups. We have developed strategies to increase representation of diversity groups, enabling employees to feel comfortable with their own identity whilst improving organisational culture.

An example of our commitment is identified through our flexible workplace practices, particularly for parents and carers. We understand that balancing work and family responsibilities can be difficult and have implemented a range of initiatives to support staff, such as our Parental Leave Toolkit. We aim to continuously ensure employees reach their full potential whilst balancing their personal commitments.

We are continuously driving gender equity across our workforce and throughout the APS. Although improving, gender equality requires commitment to inclusive workplace practices. Our Gender equality action plan outlines specific actions to increase our inclusivity and better position us for the future.

The Commission’s diversity efforts extend further than internal initiatives. Our Diversity and Inclusion team develop best practice frameworks, policies and guidance on a range of diversity and inclusion related matters. We provide expert advice to other APS agencies including human resource teams, recruitment practitioners, change agent champions and senior executives. We maintain a vision of a public service free of barriers and full of potential and will aim to lead by best practice.

Last reviewed: 
8 August 2019