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Workforce planning resources

Strategic workforce planning is the ongoing process of identifying an organisation’s current and future workforce needs against strategy and deliverables, and planning for the mitigation of resulting workforce risks.  

The APSC works with agencies to support workforce planning. For information about workforce planning tools and resources that may be available to APS agencies please email the APS Workforce Planning team at APSWFP [at] apsc.gov.au.

Further resources

The APS Job Family Model enables APS agencies to segment and understand their workforce from an occupational / job role point of view. It also enables agencies to better link their workforce to the Australian labour market. 

The Strategic Workforce Analysis and Reporting Guide establishes a consistent approach to workforce reporting across the APS, and provides a common understanding of a discrete set of workforce metrics that are aligned to reporting at a whole-of-APS level.

The APS Statistical Bulletin and the APS Employment Data Releases present a summary of employment under the Public Service Act 1999. Each Statistical Bulletin provides current data and data from at least the previous 15 years. 

Last reviewed: 
31 August 2020